Payments Pro (Direct Payment) PayPal: Configure → Direct Payment

PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment) allows credit and debit cards to be accepted directly on your online store's checkout flow without the customer having to leave the store.

This module can use both PayPal and Payflow to process transactions with and can be configured on the ConfigureGeneral page.


PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment) requires the additional PayPal Express Checkout payment module to be installed and enabled on your online store. This module will not function until PayPal Express Checkout has been enabled.

Configuration Settings

Parameter Description Default
Status Set this to Live to use this module with the Live API Credentials, or to Sandbox for the Sandbox API Credentials. Disabled disables the module as a payment method. Live
Cards Select the type of cards to accept payments from. Visa
Discover Card
American Express
Transaction Method The transaction method to use for payments.

The Authorization method only authorizes the transaction which can be captured up to 29 days later.
The Sale method instantly transfers the funds from the customer to your PayPal account.
Order Status Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this order status level. Default Order Status
Payment Zone If set, this payment method will only be available to orders made within the defined zone.


Line Items

Each product that is ordered is passed on to PayPal as line items to link to the transaction. This includes extra third-party Order Total modules that manipulate the order total values (eg, discounts). In rare occassions, when the line items, shipping, and tax calculations do not match the order total value, only the order total value is passed onto PayPal without the line items.