Online Merchant v2.4 Joli


v2.4.0 (Beta)

OSC\OM Framework
Introduce a framework to replace legacy classes and functions with.
Bootstrap Frontend Framework
Replace the jQuery UI based Shop, Admin, and Setup frontend with Bootstrap.
Self-Contained Apps
Introduce self-contained Apps with support for self-defined modules and url routes.
Introduce hook calls.
Online Updates
Introduce an online update feature for the core.
INI Style Language Definitions
Move the language definitions to ini style files.


Legacy Cleanup
Move core modules to an osCommerce App.
Migrate remaining classes to the new framework, including:
  • Breadcrumb
  • Currencies
  • Language
  • Message Stack
  • Navigation History
  • Shopping Cart
Introduce SEO features.
Database Schema Comparison
Introduce a database schema comparison tool existing store owners can use as part of their upgrade.
Hook Action Calls
Finalize hook action calls throughout the codebase.
Online Updates
Extend the online update feature to installed Apps.
App Browser
Introduce an online App browser and installer.
Language Packs
Support community maintained language packs and provide a list of ready to be used languages in the setup routine.
Legacy Compatibility Module
Automatically re-map legacy v2.3 classes, functions, and code to the new framework for compatibility with existing v2.3 add-ons.